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"The Maine Wood Products Association seeks to improve the competitive position of its members and build quality employment in the State by sharing technical, marketing and business expertise.

The Association recognizes opportunities to maximize the growth and success of its members through pro-active stewardship of the natural resource and Maine's quality image."
MWPA Mission, Adopted November 28, 1995

To achieve this mission, the MWPA works with businesses to help them improve their marketing, their manufacturing operations, and their management. Much of our work is done in collaboration with other businesses, government agencies and organizations in Maine and the Northeast. "

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MWPA to Participate in the Manufacturing Summit

February 11th 2014

The MWPA members are invited to the 2014 Manufacturing Summit on March 13, 2014, the purpose of which is to gather companies from all manufacturing sectors and their respective trade associations in order to hear their voices on top issues and challenges. Our goal is to leverage the strengths of these organizations, avoid duplication of effort, and promote a coordinated manufacturing support strategy. A report is presented to the Governor with recommendations for policy, strategic implementation, and funding.

For more information and registration details visit:

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our strategies

our strategies

Full membership in the association is open to any manufacturer with operations in Maine. Associate members are businesses, organizations and agencies with an interest in the wood manufacturing industry.

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